When a pen is worth more than a Bentley and how you value Generosity

Imagine receiving two gifts from two people: 1 - a Bentley from the King of Saudi Arabia 2 - a pen from a friend At first glance, the car will outshine any writing device that could land on your desk.  It's a Bentley for Christ sake! At second glance, where are these gifts coming from?… Read More

The Cards Are Being Reshuffled

Over the past few weeks we have ALL been hit with a silent tornado and the game has changed. Anyone that has experience playing BlackJack knows that when the cards get shuffled - the game is about to start over. In Poland we've experienced over a decade of unprecedented economic growth.  I arrived in 2012… Read More

Slow is Fast and Fast is Slow

There are mechanical steps to each drink when you work with coffee. Those steps double, triple, quadruple, and more depending on the number of cups. To get a decent service (whatever environment you are working in), there are three pillars that make sure things flow smoothly - and then there's SPEED.  We're working with a… Read More

Charles and the Magical Coffee Machine

Martha casually walked up to the cubicle as Charles sat at his desk, desperately trying to figure out how to get the printer to spit out the cover-sheet for the latest TPS report. Yeah Charles… Won’t you be a dear and source us a coffee machine for the director’s department Martha didn’t care that he…

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How to embrace a BUTTERFLY

Occasionally we need to step back and take a look at what we've been doing. We tend to create patterns that are no longer entirely relevant to what we should be doing or what we are fully capable of doing. When this happens, we have to adapt & evolve. I'm gonna talk about G Coffee… Read More

The CUP stops here

A few months ago we switched over from regular white to-go cups to the more environmentally friendly cups (<– these were brown). People were happy, we were happy, the suppliers were happy, and maybe even the planet was happy. I’m happy everyone was happy. That being said – whatever paper cups we have left will…

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The X-Man of Coffee – PEABERRY

It was a cold night in the refugee camp bordering the outskirts of the Twin Cities.  As the rain pounded against the tent walls of the dimly lit makeshift operating room – the Doctors Di & Ana worked tirelessly to assuage the painful screams of young Marie as her sister Louise watched nervously. As Marie…

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Gadgets & Toys

I remember walking down the street one day and I saw a guy having a conversation with himself – I thought he might be on the phone but there was nothing in his hand – so I assumed he was crazy. He was wearing a “Bluetooth” headset… This might be obvious today but back in…

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Price Competition

There’s a huge pharmacy chain in the US called Walgreens that’s been around for almost 120 years. My Great Grandfather Sidney owned a drugstore in Chicago in the mid-20s. Sidney was married five times, had a Navy anchor tattoo on his forearm, loved gambling, and sold alcohol for Capone during the prohibition – these are…

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The Coffee Flavor Wheel

When I began in the coffee business, the biggest litmus test for good vVs bad coffee was if it was good even AFTER it goes cold – that still holds true today. Today, if someone labels our coffee ‘Some Serious Gourmet Shit’ take that as the highest compliment we could receive – and in all…

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