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Only Time Will Tell

Waking up After a Long Year

Having spent over a year readapting a food business to the changes caused by the Pandemic, the time was right to get back into gear.

We've taken what we've learned from running an online business, and applied them here.

Most stories start at the beginning, our story starts again here.


Time to Team Up

Coffee wasn't the Cure to COVID but Groceries were

As a Pandemic brought the World to a stop, it was time to move online with a healthy twist.

Restaurants, Hotels, Office, and Public Spaces were all shut down - so we created WroFood. A service that delivered healthy groceries from local vendors directly to peoples' homes.

G Coffee Company took the reigns and created a whole new company.


WroFood & G Coffee Company Logos https://gcoffee.net

Clear Conscience

Going Green got us Global

We decided to Go Green with our small quantity Coffee Packaging.  Moving from paper bags to glass jars got us an invitation to the 2019 World of Coffee exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

We ranked in the top five best Coffee Packaging Designs, WORLDWIDE, for 2019.

This was a BIG step for us, and for ever jar we refill, our conscience is clear - knowing that one less bag ends up in a landfill.


Environmentally Friendly Coffee Packaging from G Coffee Company in Wroclaw Poland photo taken by Anna Pomichowska

A New Chapter

A New Challenge

We closed our doors at the small café.  We fell on our asses.

I'm not ashamed to say this because we got right back up and pushed forward in a new direction.  This time opened up shop in one of the city's Organic Farmers Markets - EkoBazar.

There, we met a lot of great people, learned about environmentally friendly business practices for much more than just coffee.


G Coffee Company station at the farmer's market they completely renovated in 2019 photo by Anna Pomichowska https://gcoffee.net

Ready to Roast

Perseverance pays off

Almost three years after the idea was sparked, the Coffee Roaster was finally built.  With the help of a Custom Motorcycle builder and an Automation Engineer the BEAST WAS BORN.

Small but tough, this Roaster will be beaten with a mallet, catch fire a few times, and still keeps pumping out bellies of beautiful Beans.

From this point on, Roasting Coffee was the name of the game.


The first delivery of he G Coffee Company coffee roaster in Wroclaw Poland

Risk & Reward

Ignorance was Bliss, Delicious, and won Awards

Constantly trying new things, pushing boundaries, and ignoring café norms gave G Coffee a reputation as a place to try 'what's next'. Nitro Coffee, Rocky BulletProof, Hand-Made Drippers, and many other coffee creations were brought into Wroclaw during this time. Creativity & hard work paid off with First Place Awards for the Wroclaw Kawa Festival, Beer Geek Madness, & Wroclaw Expats. We're very proud and thankful for these.
Nitro Coffee, Espresso Milkshake, Ram Coffee Dripper, Rocky BulletProof made by G Coffee Company in Wroclaw Poland photos by Mateusz Ruranski

Coffee Shop to Small Community

A small group of Believers found a place to call their own

G Coffee Company needed a home, so a small Café was opened in a hidden corner of Wroclaw.  The Coffee Shop attracted adventurers, foreigners, travelers, and people with a thirst for something different.

They were all outsiders, one way or another, but this Coffee Shop became the place they gathered. The place they felt welcomed & at home.

This place became theirs.

Guests at G Coffee Company in Wroclaw Poland

The Journey Began

Guy quits his job at
Investment Bank

Unhappy with the direction his life was going, Gaston Sitbon left a stable job to pursue a different path. 

The goal was to create something, in this case: a Coffee Roaster.

With the partnership of Dr. Adam Włodarczyk,
G Coffee Company was born.

Original Coffee Roaster design from Adam Wlodarczyk of G Coffee Company in Wroclaw Poland