Observations from 6 August, 2018: 

Roasted 03-08-2018

The smell of the beans dances around your nose like a fairy in a green mini skirt (think brunette Tinkerbell) holding a bouquet of small light flowers.

Using a #HarioV60 and munching on a #ponchki, I’m getting impatient to try this lovely cup of amber #paradise.

As I take my first sip, the #smokey flavor enters my mouth the same way morning fog creeps into #SanFrancisco across the Golden Gate bridge. It’s not a bad smokey, it’s #sexy smokey like… (<– you can finish this sentence).

There is something very interesting about this cup – the tip of your tongues is left with minty notes. It’s like your tongue is a spear that has been dipped into a mint-amber potion and you are now travelling on a magic carpet of caffeine while #U2 sings “I’m wide awake”* in the distant background…

*From the song BAD off the album Best of 1980-1990


Roast Date
3 August, 2018
Roast Type
Medium Light
Tastes Like
Smokey Mint served on an oat platter

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