Rwanda Mubanza

Observations from 21 July, 2018: 

Roasted 19-07-2018

4th cup of the day made using #Hario – so 2 or three cups of water are needed before even approaching the coffee for these descriptions – it’s fun but not easy!

The #beans have a beautiful light fruity smell with a touch of spicyness to them.

The taste is fruity and slightly herbal – I’d say black tea. But it’s not the black tea you want to know about is it?
It’s the #cranberries, and not the band. The cranberries that come out MINUS the sourness.

These beans were very delicate and even though I tried to keep the #roast light, the outer shell of the beans darkened easily – but the to taste is still light & fruity.

Maybe lightly scorching the outer shell rids the beans of their sourness – who knows.

Anyway, tell us what you think in the comments box below.

Roast Date
19 July, 2018
Roast Type
Light & Crisp
Tastes Like
Cranberry tea

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