Roasted on the 5th of April

Full disclosure – the last time (12/2018) I roasted beans from PNG they smelled a bit weird.

It could have been how I roasted them, it could have been the beans, it could have been a bit of both.

BUT – this time around things changed. I modified the roast, deciding to go lighter, and the results are a million times better!

Very floral smell from the cup (I brewed using Hario), maybe even ruby red veluptious grapes.

For flavor, I’m getting grape juice – the taste you’d get from red wine for kids, with no alcohol (unless you want to put those little monkeys to sleep early 😏 ).

Very enjoyable, a complete 180° reversal from the December roast. Smatchnego! :*

Roast Date
05 April, 2019
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