Malawi AB

Observations from 27 July, 2018: 

Roasted 20-07-2018

The smell coming from the bag is very #sweet#floral & #delicate but evasive so you better take it in quick.

The taste (just like the aroma) is sweet as well. It’s light and bouncy. There is a level of acidity but the sour aftertaste isn’t noticeable.

Talking to #AnyaP she said that this coffee, prepared with the #V60, is reminiscent of #mango or some other type of exotic #fruit.

Personally I take the #flavors of this cup to be joyous and vibrant, the first thing that comes to mind is the sensation I get on a first exciting trip down town on someone special.

All in all I’d recommend this #bean for the person that wants to drink something #uplifting & #light.


Roast Date
20 July, 2018
Roast Type
Tastes Like
Exotic fruits with the tingle and excitement of a first date

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