It is believed that this kettle was the one used by #Duchess Helene of Mecklenburg-Schwerin to ward off a bandit looking to steal the pearl necklace given to her by her cousin #William I (King of Wurttemberg).

As the story goes; the Duchess was in her chambers enjoying a freshly brewed cup of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe contemplating the fine workmanship of her cherished jewelry.

A roaming single bandit (it is rumored that he was copulating with one the Duchess’s chamber maids) broke into the estate.

As the Duchess had a paranoia of any mosquito borne illnesses, she had dual layered lace curtains imported from Bruges and installed around her living quarters.

Through the thick veil, she spotted the shadow of this abnormally shaped intruder. This led her to use whatever tool at her disposal – the kettle – to defend her virtue and family jewels.

The lid of the kettle is slightly bent, rumored to have been from the impact of Helene swinging it (full of luke warm water) and hitting the robber on the head, leaving his forehead with a two centimeter cut slightly above the right eyebrow.

The intruder fled the mansion. Despite tireless efforts, was never found. It was during the last hunt for this man that #Ferdinand Philippe d’Orleans, her husband, died due to a carriage accident where he sustained fatal injuries.


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