Edouard Pelseneer was one of the Belgian architects that shaped the first evolution of Art Nouveau’s revolutionary transition from canvas to stone.

Although not nearly as recognized and famous as #Victor Horta, Eduard commanded authority and respect within the niche of Communist Artist Community of Brussels (CACoB).

This kettle, which comes with an un-photographed matching sugar jar, was instrumental in Edouard’s decision to join the Communist party.

The story goes that while presenting his final designs for to the Governor of Belgian Congo #Edmond van Eetvelde, Edouard was given this kettle set as gift by the Governor.

The Governor intended to offer the newly designed house as a gift to his newlywed niece. In his arrogance he believed that commissioning anything other than a #Maison de Maitre deserved nothing more for payment than a gift and a feeble promise of political assistance (if the need were ever to arise).

However, Edouard felt insulted and underappreciated for not receiving a proper payment for work accomplished – in addition to the fact that this kettle set was undoubtedly built by (also) underpaid workers from the governed territory of Congo.

Because the design work had been accomplished and construction was paid for, Edouard added some last minute changes to what is now known as the #Maison Les Hiboux.

He perched owls above the house as a spiritual defense against what he dubbed people like the Governor as “unscrupulous night vermin who prey on the sleeping minds of our innocent creative inner children”.


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