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AeroPress Coffee Maker

So I’ve been holding out on the Aeropress for a long time – the reason why is because I first fell in love with the Hario V60.

Recently my good friend Mark convinced me to start using this thing and I have to admit that with the Prismo (or on its own) its a pretty handy device.

I think it is practical because its very portable, hard to break (the plastic construction is very tough), and because it is one size – it will always give you a more or less consistent cup of coffee.

So in this package you get the following stuff:

  • a pack of 350 high quality AeroPress Coffee Maker Micro-Filters
  • the Aeropress itself
  • a funnel to keep from making a mess (TBH unless ur drunk AF you don’t really need it)
  • a coffee scoop
  • a stirrer (you can use the back end of the scoop or just spin the thing around gently when there’s water in it)

Here’s a short video of us using the Aeropress combined with the Prismo – go to the Prismo page to see what we call it in our inner circle 😉