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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

I'm proud of the Coffees on offer and confident you'll enjoy them too.

If you aren't 100% Satisfied, you may return the Coffee within fourteen days of purchase for a full refund.

Being happy with something you buy is the BEST feeling.
Being disappointed is the WORST.

So I want you to be completely comfortable with the Coffee you buy here.


I wasn't born yesterday.

If you try to "hack" the system or intend to abuse this Guarantee - I'll call you out.

I've never had anyone try to do this, and I think 99.99% of people are honest at heart, so this is for the 0.01% that want to exploit a small business.

For details, please refer to our Return Policy.

Return Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with one of our coffees, you may return it within fourteen days of purchase for a refund.

We require proof of purchase to honor a refund. If you bought the Coffee on this website, we'll have a record of your purchase. Otherwise, we require a physical receipt.

The cost of return shipping is the Buyer's responsibility.

Please include your proof of purchase with the products you wish to return in your package of returned item(s).

We will reimburse the original purchase price to via direct bank transfer minus the cost of shipping between G Coffee Company and the Buyer.

Special Conditions

To protect all our customers and make sure that we handle every return with reasonable fairness, we cannot accept a return (even within fourteen days of purchase) in certain situations, including:

    · Coffees damaged by misuse, abuse, improper care or negligence, or accidents (including pet damage).
    · Coffees showing excessive wear and tear
    · Coffees lost or damaged due to fire, flood, or natural disaster
    · Coffees with a missing label or label that has been defaced
    · Coffees returned for personal reasons unrelated to Coffee quality or satisfaction     
    · Coffees that have been soiled or contaminated.
    · On rare occasions, obvious or past habitual abuse of our Return Policy