Our WASTE problem and the small things we do to address them

As a small coffee shop we produce enough trash to give Santa a herniated disc.  I haven’t actually weighed it out but this is a rough estimate of how much incoming, internal, and outgoing garbage we create depending on how many guests we serve. I’m not going to go into the reason WHY minimizing our…

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How & Why Should You Earn TRUST

Huawei, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Oppo… wait – WTF is “Oppo”? So you are at the store and you come across an Oppo phone.  Personally I’ve never heard of them – bad or good – never heard of em… Do you keep looking? Do you dig into reviews? Do you call the salesperson and ask for…

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About 20 years ago, when I was still in the military, I had a part time job at an electronics store name RadioShack. This used to be a MASSIVE nationwide chain that prided itself on what it called “98/5” – meaning that they had so many locations that 98% of the US population was within…

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cash kills creativity

Just to make things clear – there’ll always be a need for some cash to bring plans to fruition – but don’t lean on that resource to ignite the spark of your company because its probably not as much as you think. So let’s start exploring this wonderful concept. When you are running (or starting)…

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An active worker benefits business just as much as their own morale. On the business side; the improvement in customer service leads into sales and inevitably translates into repeat visits. Let’s look at two different (optimal) scenarios: Magda walks into the store because she needs some welding equipment. Janush, who’s sitting behind the counter, is…

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every business NEEDS an ARTIST

The idea person is working on what it solves, the marketer is figuring out how to present it, the engineer is thinking of every problem before it happens, the accountant is doing whatever they do, AND when things go wrong: the Artist untangles the web. I’m going to start off with the first example I…

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the FIVE STARS of restaurant service

Theoretically owners and managers have control over every one of these points.   Location is decided in the early stages of a business, like a busy street corner for example.   Product quality can be controlled by buying products directly from the producers with a thorough understanding of the nature of that product – with G Coffee…

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All restaurant owners are a bit crazy

and its the good crazy that makes it work The restaurant owner is a different kind of breed. Their thought process, although widely varied, is very specific to the world they work in. Let’s start by pointing out that the food business is unlike any other. When normal people are enjoying their free time, that’s…

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the TRUTH about our coffee

Perception, interpretation, process, method, or recognition; whatever makes these things unique to some might be completely irrelevant to others. Kopi Luwak coffee, Chateauneuf du Pape wine, Rolex watches, Yeezy shoes… To some people these products are highly valued – but why? When something is done in a slightly different way it takes on the character of…

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