every business needs an artist
every business
an Artist
When everyone is focused on the “thing” there needs to be someone with a different set of eyes - a different set of lenses.

The idea person is working on what it solves, the marketer is figuring out how to present it, the engineer is thinking of every problem before it happens, the accountant is doing whatever they do, AND when things go wrong:

the Artist untangles the web.

I’m going to start off with the first example I can remember:

My mother is an Artist.  When I was growing up we didn’t have much money.  Sometimes we’d eat canned ravioli and sometimes there would be steak.  

My habit of being messy started when I was a kid, sometimes I’d get ketchup or whatever on my clothes.  Rather than her throwing stained pants away, I was the only kid at school with racoons, batts, or butterflies painted on my clothes.

She’d turn a stain into a butterfly.

In an office, when a process is bottle-necked and hitting an impasse; the Artist can swoop in to take the process apart, and help show a way outside the common logic to restring the mechanism and orchestrate a melody from the chaos.

As for hospitality the scenario changes slightly.

The primary product in a restaurant is the image it impresses on its clients.  The dishes, lighting, uniforms, music, facade – everything is exposed and falls under scrutiny.

The Artist will not only play the role of consultant when things catch fire, but he will also act as Wizard of Oz making sure that each piece of the puzzle lays exactly the way it should.   

There are limitless specific examples we could go through – as you know there are limitless problems an organization can run into.

For those of you who are reading this – if you are about to start a company or you’ve just gotten the ball rolling – an Artist is your best friend.

At the inception of G Coffee Company Adam Wlodarczyk (see that good looking fellow in the photo above?) smoothed every rough edge as the bricks were being laid. He acts as an advisor when waters get rough and lends a hand when a stain needs to blossom into a butterfly.

He understood exactly what the company was aiming for and as a gift - drew the Grandissimo God that has been printed and stamped on thousands of bags & various other coffee paraphernalia since 2015.

Having the Artist, Adam Wlodarczyk, as an original founder - I consider myself safe from any storm that might try to tear the roof of this house.
Grandissimo coffee god

Artists have inherent traits that have led them through life to see, do, interpret, and create differently their entire lives.

Whether they’ve been trained in their craft or decided to venture on their own into artistry; the restless repetition of doing art (dance, music, sculpting, paint, chalk, etc) has built a muscle in them for deconstructing and redesigning everything they come across. 

The most important idea here I’d like to convey is that the Artist is naturally detached, in their own sphere, creating & seeing the world through their own eyes and as such; they can see the things you and I can’t.

This is not a long article – in fact it isn’t even article – this is a warning, a rule, a friendly piece of advice, a commandment – whatever you want to call it.

For those that have an Artist on hand – cherish them.

For those that don’t – here’s the direct contact to a number of artists you can reach (click on their name) in order to have them work with YOUR company: