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To get a bird's eye view of my combined copywriting, content creation, branding tone, and marketing approaches; I've created this page to highlight a few of the projects I've worked on for both my businesses, as well as a handful of good causes.

These are just examples of how I take small events and give them an attention grabbing spotlight.

Given bigger projects, I can apply some of the same thinking and methodology, but with a more polished feel and deeper focus.  

making sustainability sexy


Looking for ways to encourage more repeat business, I dug into our brand touchpoints to see if there were any weak links in the chain.

While visiting a friend's house, I noticed that the bag of coffee in her kitchen was almost empty, stained from water splashes, and wrinkled up behind the coffee machine.  It was then that I realized that our packaging was where we could make improvements.

I wanted to make something sustainable & beautiful - glass was the solution.

Combined with high quality clip jars and labels that voiced the brand's personality, the wasteful bags were ditched and the new packaging was wholeheartedly embraced by our customers.

Additionally, with stickers created for each coffee origin, the process of getting a new colorful sticker for each refill incentivized people to return more frequently. Click on the labels to see them up-close!

Because of this new packaging, we were showcased as one of the top five Best Designs for the 2019 World of Coffee international coffee convention in Berlin.

the strawberry kingpin


Summer in Poland is synonymous with Strawberries. On EVERY street corner you can find makeshift stands overflowing with baskets of the sweet red gems - and they're cheap!

To give you an idea of how people act when the season begins, imagine a Louis Vuitton bag sale, at Aldi at 6AM, on Black Friday.

When I announced the new menu item, there was a backlash from Social Media and WroFood was being criticized for high prices. Price trumped the fact that we supplied high quality products and same-day free delivery.

I take feedback very seriously so I had to come up with a solution. Rather than lower prices or remove the product, I had to find a way to shift the focus away from the price.

I decided to create a fictitious character, the Strawberry Kingpin.

I planned and created a three day campaign, making WroFood the naive victim of a Strawberry Mafia syndicate:

  • Day 1 - made a quick mention about maybe having gotten into business with the wrong person.
  • Day 2 - went live in a video with a fake black eye, telling people how delicious the new strawberries were.
  • Day 3 - live video with a bloodied bandage wrapped around my head and three thugs behind me, showing a sign asking for "HELP", and begging people to order strawberries.

Sales of strawberries over the next week doubled, then doubled again, then plateaued off for the summer.

The negative criticism about price went away and an explosion of positive engagement subsided. Some people (including my Mom) thought it was serious.

the rice to vote


While populating the list of products available on the grocery site, I would use the new products as reason to create content.

Some products or services create a bunch of excitement when they're released, and some don't.

Rice is in the second, unimpressive group.

Rather than quietly adding it to the site or making a bland statement about "now we have rice", I wanted to use a current event and add a bit of excitement.

The US election in 2020 was ideal.

I made a simple post in late October, asking people to vote on whether they wanted Basmati or Jasmine. The comments and engagement gave the post some strong organic visibility in the feed.

On the evening of November 4th I posted a news type release announcing the winner.

Along with an attention grabbing photo, the copy in the post made reference to many issues at the time such as "uncontested", "voting machine issues", etc.

People really enjoyed it.

From this mini campaign, we saw a strong launch in rice sales - everyone was a winner in this case.

getting Taco to Canada


When Putin attacked Ukraine, the world needed to roll up their sleeves and help.

Governments, NGOs, private companies, and individuals all unified around this cause.

Throwing money at an NGO wasn't something I could do. I didn't have the resources and even if I did - sending a check wouldn't have given me the feeling of having taken enough action.

Despite not having money, I leveraged the assets I did have to contribute:

    • Trust from my Social Media accounts
    • Creative writing skills
    • The products I sold

Rather than trying to tackle the problem as a whole, I focused most of my energy on helping the family I was hosting as well assisting people who had just arrived from Ukraine.

I sought and provided assistance from three different avenues:

    1. A GoFundMe campaign to pay for the airfare from Poland to Canada for the family I hosted.
    2. A free 'Welcome' basket of basic food necessities for 40 families in the month of March.
    3. A strawberry jam, made by the family staying with me, who's total sales revenue would go to the family I was hosting.

The GoFundMe campaign would be having the most impact, so that's where I focused most of my efforts.

Using misery and sadness aren't in my nature.  I wanted to tell a story of hope, dignity, and a new start rather than trying to appeal to peoples' sense of guilt or pity.

To do this, I wrote the story from Taco's perspective, he's their dog. Since the father had to stay in Ukraine - he's also the only man escorting them into their new life in Canada.

As every donation was received, I reached out to each donor and personally thanked them. The one on one engagement technique isn't "scalable" to a mass audience, but efficiency isn't always the best route.

In a situation with so much chaos, many people try to take advantage of others' generosity, so Trust was a major factor.

Writing the campaign description was the first step, broadcasting it was the second, reaching out to thank people individually was the third, but the most important step was to be transparent and keep people updated.

Before and after the campaign goal was reached, every new piece of information regarding their move to Canada was regularly updated. Most of it was in regards to the immigration procedure to get their visas. As of writing this, they are still waiting for the visas, but the updates I plan on making when they happen are:

    • Screenshots of their visa approval confirmation
    • Photos of their airplane tickets
    • A photo of Taco at the Wroclaw (Poland) Airport
    • A last photo of Taco at the Toronto or Montreal Airport

The campaign reached it's goal in under a week, and by the following week we surpassed that number by 230%!

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