How to embrace a BUTTERFLY

Occasionally we need to step back and take a look at what we’ve been doing. We tend to create patterns that are no longer entirely relevant to what we should be doing or what we are fully capable of doing.

When this happens, we have to adapt & evolve.

I’m gonna talk about G Coffee because that’s the most recent and familiar example I can give. Feel free to replace the name “g coffee” with YOUR name, the name of YOUR company, or the name of whatever tribe YOU are a part of.

We do what we do: roast & serve coffee, and we enjoy every second of it.


That can’t be it. This can’t be all we’re capable of doing. That can’t be the limit to our abilities.

We’re smart, hard-working, open-minded, optimistic, and creative – SURELY these qualities have the potential to give more to the world!

If this is how you feel about yourself and/or your place of business then keep on reading.

If not – feel free to click HERE.

To begin the process of doing something new, you have to start by taking an inventory of what your days look like:

  1. What ABSOLUTELY has to be done every day?
    • These are the things that keep our lives and/or businesses running somewhat smoothly – they pay the bills
  2. Which things don’t absolutely NEED to be done?
    • These might be the little extras you do to keep others happy – they are rewarding and usually give you a higher sense of being
  3. What can you completely STOP doing every day?
    • This is the wasted time, the wasted money, the wasted effort – in other words; it’s the unnecessary stuff we do that’s usually guided by our animal instinct

In each one of those questions, we can list anywhere from 2 to 200 things we do on a regular basis.  Whatever the case may be, your imagination starts to wander.


Because there’s a little butterfly in our head that’s constantly nagging us to break away from the daily grind. 

The butterfly is our muse – use it to evolve and find room for improvement

Back to G Coffee – we ask ourselves these questions as the butterfly lands delicately on a few of those answers.

When she lands between the first and second question, we get a little insight into solutions to problems that we might not have seen before.

In our case: with drip coffee, we found that standing in front of a cup for 180 seconds to pour water was a painful necessity.  Three minutes might not seem like much time – but repeat this process 100 times a day and you can see that there’s a problem.

This is where the GORB idea was created.

So now what?

The butterfly has landed, you realized it, found a possible solution – but you still have to do all the other things to keep the machine running smoothly.

Here is where you can really dig into the #2 and #3 questions.  Take out your red marker and start drawing thick red lines through the marginal activities that gluttonously and voraciously devour the hours of your day like a Grazyna on Ponchki Day!

By clearly answering what NEEDS to be done and what SHOULDN’T be done – you’ll be able to slim down your day/week/month in order to make room for creativity and change.

Be patient, because the fun is about to begin…

There’s one more question that needs to be answered before you delicately cup that beautiful blue & gold butterfly in your hands:

“Am I capable of doing this right now?”

It might seem like an obvious question, but before embarking on this new path we need to make sure that we are strong enough resource-wise (whether that be time, money, skills, tools, and/or whatever else) to do this.

The answer is either YES or NO, but to get to that answer we need to sword fight our way past Inigo Montoya because the limitations above might be REAL or might be EXCUSES.

The road to growth is always a bit painful so some limitations should be accepted and planned for.

So NOW the fun can begin!

You have that thing in your mind – for us it’s the GORB.

Start drawing up plans, calling people, learning about new things, and making decisions about whether to use this thing or that.

You can… You will… Because you MUST.

Will it work? Maybe, maybe not.

The important thing is that you balance your excitement & energy with the things that you still need to do daily to keep the machine running.

I could keep venturing into the new project process but I’ll leave you here because right now we’re knee-deep in a project that still has a lot of work ahead.  

We’ll update you over the next few weeks and months about the progress through this blog as well as our new Twitter account.

To be continued...

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