The CUP stops here

the cup stops here blog post written by Gaston Sitbon from G Coffee Company in Wroclaw Poland

A few months ago we switched over from regular white to-go cups to the more environmentally friendly cups (<– these were brown).

People were happy, we were happy, the suppliers were happy, and maybe even the planet was happy.

I’m happy everyone was happy.

That being said – whatever paper cups we have left will be all the cups we have left.

I’m not ordering more.

We roast coffee for individuals & companies.  Our mission is to share what we do – and right now that is roasting coffee.

The move to the brown cups was intended to reduce the amount of waste – or at least that’s what we thought.

This whole move opened my eyes to how these cups are used and I started to notice things:

  • Coffee tastes better when it’s served in a ceramic cup
  • Ceramic cups act like land line telephones – they force us to limit what we’re doing and limits our movement – resulting in more focus on what’s at hand
  • Most important – I see systematically that cups end up in the garbage within 15 minutes (MAXIMUM)

Let’s not fool ourselves into believing that we’re making the world a better place.  Instead let’s just be honest – it’s stupid and selfish of US to be creating piles of unnecessary trash for a matter of a couple minutes of convenience.

We can easily solve this problem but it’s just slightly less convenient.

I’m not writing this to wave the Green Peace flag and claim to be the Mother Teresa of environmentalism – being the seller makes me more guilty than anyone.

Moving from white to brown is a baby step and I’m sure you’d agree that we’re all adult enough to make grown up steps.

So what does this mean?

This means that you’ll have to drink out of one of our ceramic cups, bring your own, buy one of the reusable Stojo cups from companies like ecobox, or even wrap a bunch of rubber bands around a jar and it becomes a cup (click HERE to see).

Am I shooting myself in the foot?

Czas zweryfikuje…

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