The X-Man of Coffee – PEABERRY

The X-Men of Coffee - the peaberry blog post written by Gaston Sitbon from G Coffee Company in Wroclaw Poland

It was a cold night in the refugee camp bordering the outskirts of the Twin Cities.  As the rain pounded against the tent walls of the dimly lit makeshift operating room – the Doctors Di & Ana worked tirelessly to assuage the painful screams of young Marie as her sister Louise watched nervously.

As Marie began to crown Dr. Ana set herself in place to receive the first while Dr. Di lined up to quickly intercept the second.

The first made its way into the world and its voice resonated above the thunder.  Di stepped into position and made herself ready but there was nothing.

Cries from the newborn were the only sound to be heard.  Marie saw the room fill with panic and asked what was happening, was the second alive? Was the second still inside her?  WAS THERE A SECOND?

Their silence answered her fears.

Just as quickly as the baby was rushed out of the room, tears of sorrow filled her eyes – she knew that her baby, that baby, was a mutant.

Imagine a world where every human birth was twins. A world where twins would grow up together, learn together, eat together, drive together, build careers together, and even sleep together (with other twins obviously).

Where the entire civilization is built around twins.

Now imagine what THAT world would think if a single human was born – they would call it MUTANT!

And that’s exactly what the Peaberry is: a coffee mutation.

From a scientific standpoint, 95% of coffee beans develop in pairs (both flat against one another).  Sometimes though, only one bean is fertilized and as a result, it develops into a single bean – a peaberry.

But why is that important?

For those who don’t know me (G), I was raised on a farm in Idaho and can authoritatively say that I’m a master in agriculture.

From a growing side:

  • The contents of a single bean will be much richer due to the fact that all the nutrients & natural chemicals hit the bean uniformly.  Unlike the normal twin coffee bean that might get more sunlight from one side of the fruit or more rain from the other – the Peaberry gets everything because there’s no need to share!

From the processing side:

  • There is no way to artificially breed coffee to yield Peaberries and there’s no external way of determining whether there are two beans or just one inside the fruit.  In this case, whenever coffee is advertised as ‘Peaberry’, be aware the plantation had to sort each bean by hand!

From the roasting side:

  • I find that Peaberry is easier because it tumbles inside the drum with a lot less resistance than the flat-sided coffees.  Imagine a shoe versus a GORB in a washing machine

From the drinking side:

  • I love Peaberry because I know that all these little extras add up to create a very special kind of coffee.

My final message is to treat EVERY bean with respect, love, and care – because whether we grew up as one bean or two – we’re all made of something special inside. 

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