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gadgets and toys blog post written by Gaston Sitbon from G Coffee Company in Wroclaw Poland

He was wearing a “Bluetooth” headset…

This might be obvious today but back in 2001 – Bluetooth just hit the market.

Lucky people would have color phone screens and have a ZERO POINT THREE (0.3) megapixel camera!

REALLY lucky people might have their phones Bluetooth enabled.

Fast forward to 2020 and we still don’t have flying skateboards but there’s always something new on the horizon.

There’s a slew of companies and platforms such as Kickstarter that are unveiling gadget after gadget that can solve our problems and make our lives easier.

Some of the most recent COFFEE related gadgets are:


*The steampunk is not a recent gadget but it is cool and a few posts from now we’ll be talking about that company again.

My feelings are mixed with these gadgets – some are really impressive while others seems a bit ‘meh’… 

In 2039 we’ll probably look back and wonder why everything wasn’t fully automated.  Better yet, why we don’t just use replicators to create Kanar infused Ethiopian Guji through a triple plasma filtered Valyrian forged dripulator (<– try piecing together THAT obscure reference).

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