How & Why Should You Earn TRUST

how and why to earn trust by Gaston Sitbon

Huawei, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Oppo… wait – WTF is “Oppo”?

So you are at the store and you come across an Oppo phone.  Personally I’ve never heard of them – bad or good – never heard of em!

Do you keep looking? Do you dig into reviews? Do you call the salesperson and ask for the latest model?

Oppo might be an offshoot of one of the big companies, might have the same components, might outperform the ‘big boys‘, or might be a total flop.  You don’t know and the only real way of finding out is if it sits in your pocket for the next 12 to 24 months! 

So what do you do now?

The small dilemma WE (as consumers) face is Oppo’s nightmare.

Without our trust, Oppo will fail.

Seth Godin, one of my favorite marketing philosophers, says that:

“Trust is the most valuable currency”

And in the case of Oppo, G Coffee Company, and the company you run this statement is sacred.

When I’m running barista training for client restaurants, I usually start out by underlining that the ultimate goal is to gain trust.

Hopefully the trainees don’t misinterpret these words, so I back that up with the fact that they need to treat their guests the way they’d want their loved ones to be treated (see my article on the 5 stars of service).

Trust doesn’t happen in one shot – it’s a relationship just like any other, that takes time to evolve.  It starts with a hello, takes roots by showing our clients that we WILL make our best efforts, and solidifies over time by meeting or exceeding the standards we’ve created time and time again.

By receiving a client’s trust; we are given the green light to continue doing what we do, and also be creative. 

With a strong foundation of trust – we are allowed to make the occasional mistake – just as long as we can take responsibility for this faux pas and gracefully return (with strength) to the core of where the relationship grew initially.

There are so many ingredients to trust: time, effort, respect, honesty, responsibility, quality, reliability, etc… The notion of trying to gain trust (in theory) might seem futile – but in fact the formula is massively simple:

  • Authenticity – be who you are even if it doesn’t match every situation
  • Originality – don’t try to be someone else because you’ll never out do them
  • Honesty – self explanatory
  • Dignity – treat people from all positions with the respect you would want
  • Diligence – do your best every time
  • Courage – be willing to take chances and brave enough to take responsibility if things don’t work out
In other words: Be the adult you saw yourself to be when you were a child – by taking that simple approach, the trust you seek will be earned in due time.

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