the FIVE STARS of restaurant service

Theoretically owners and managers have control over every one of these points.  

Location is decided in the early stages of a business, like a busy street corner for example.  

Product quality can be controlled by buying products directly from the producers with a thorough understanding of the nature of that product – with G Coffee we’re happy to share our entire process with clients.

Pricing can be in line with the demographics of the clientele, like maybe low to medium prices for a heavily populated student neighborhood.

The list of examples can go on and on…

However, the one aspect of their business that they can (and need to) heavily focus on is SERVICE.

Service is the thing that can turn a stain into a butterfly, or a butterfly into a stain.

By providing exceptional service, a business has the potential to give customers a sense of belonging, emotional connection, and quite possibly a sense of ownership (“ABC Sushi is MY place” – in other words thats the only place this customer wants to buy Sushi from).

Below are generalized examples and descriptions of the FIVE STARS of a successful restaurant service:

Friendly & Welcoming

The first & last impression people get when they walk through the door to the moment they leave.  Acknowledging EACH person with a smile, saying “hello” & “goodbye” are critical.


Because if they feel that they are worth the time of acknowledgement, then their presence (and business) matters.


When asking for a menu, questions about a dish or recommendation, if they need extra water/salt/napkins/whatever – they should be taken care of quickly.  

If that can’t be done immediately, then at least your team should politely let them know that it will take a few minutes.

They don’t understand (or usually care) about the inner workings of a restaurant or cafe because it’s not a matter of selfishness, it’s a matter of ignorance (and I don’t mean that in a negative way).  

Have your staff treat every guest as they would treat a family member (they like).


The authenticity of your team should be addressed from the moment they are interviewed.  

Naturally they should be somewhat outgoing & warm – try to avoid putting introverts as the face of the company.

Obviously polite & friendly are prerequisites (except for places like Weiner House in Chicago).

If you have a Michelin Star restaurant or a Biker’s bar; your staff’s personality should reflect the brand’s identity and maintain its authenticity.


Back to Responsive, your guests are unaware of the inner workings of your business. 

Besides the fact that your team needs to be polite, they should demonstrate patience with guests. 

The need for empathy is critical. 

Even though a pizza takes roughly 10 minutes to dish, if the two tables before them had orders of 6 pizzas each, and the oven can only handle four pies at a time – the waiter should be able to explain in a simple way that it’s going to take a bit longer before the guest gets served. (As a side note, this is an opportunity for up-selling – “can I bring an order of prosciutto while we wait?”)


People go out for many reasons, one of them being because they want to be part of something. They want to either talk with friends & family or they want to meet someone new.

Whether it’s the bartender, the bus boy, the host, or the waiter – clients should be in control of those interactions.  Allow them to speak freely, listen to them, get an understanding for who hey are.

Obviously this isn’t practice for a monasterial vow of silence, but the guest should be heard first and foremost. 

Jokes, casual interactions, and SHORT anecdotes will more than always be welcomed.

I don’t want to limit this to casual interactions – this is just as relevant when it comes to orders.

If you’ve got vegans in front of you, don’t suggest the prosciutto!

So from our perspective at G Coffee, these are the five stars of a successful restaurant service that will keep your place in line with great experiences for your guests.

Do you have any others? Do you agree? Disagree? Don’t care? Do you need help with your place?

Whatever the case may be – we’ll patiently waiting for you to CONTACT US.

I promise that we’ll get back to you as fast as possible!

Have a great day!

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